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Yes, Reserve My Space!  I can’t wait to work with your professional design team to create my Real Estate Investment Website!  Reserve my space in the Practical Real Estate Program at the new members’ rate of $297 Set-up fee (a $301 savings) plus $50 per month maintenance fee and send me Free the 23 Myths of Real Estate Investing Report, the eight Real Estate Bonus Reports, access to Forum Experts, and all the additional member benefits associated with this great program.

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“As a newcomer to the “Fast Track” program, this was a huge step for me it streamlined my current business practices overnight.  I have already received leads that are more qualified and closed more deals at a faster rate than ever before…and I am just getting started. 
Thanks for everything Scott and Angie!
John Newberry,
Neighborhood Investment Solutions

I have seen absolute rookie investors turn their lives around with Scott and Angie’s simple program.  This program has all the bells and whistles you really need…the rest is fluff.  Thanks guys!
Spencer Walsh,
Bayside Properties, LLC.

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Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel prior to the development of your website the set-up fee and monthly fee will be refunded in full.  If you cancel after your site has been created, you will be refunded any monthly paid in advance of use.

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